Block & Liner Pools

Block & Liner Pools

'Block and Liner' pools are designed with your needs and wishes being most important. Choose the dimensions, and shape to match your dreams, within the limitations of your space available.

Choose the Liner, in the colour or design you would like, next choose the pool heating, from traditional oil/gas boilers to the latest green technology of Air Source Heat Pump or Solar Heating. All our products supplied come with guarantees, all of these are supplied in the owners manual at the end of construction and commissioning.

Next think about the surrounding area of the pool, do you want traditional coping stones in white or buff, or would like to have paving and coping stones matching? The choice is really down to you and your budget.

In our quotation we will quote for all the other equipment we discuss at the initial meeting. If you think of anything we do not mention, please do call our office and advice and we will investigate for you and come back to you

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