Inground Swimming Pools

Inground swimming pool builders in sussex and surrey

Our Inground Swimming Pools

All our swimming pools are built to the highest standard and fully equiped with the best plant equipment available. We do not skimp on the quality of our products for the simple reason that you should expect the best and receive the best. From the first time we meet you we will strive to give you the service you deserve.

The first consultation is to agree the type of pool you wish for and the area you wish to place the pool. At this point we alway advise on requirements that may be required such as planning permission, local by laws etc. We don't wish to waste your time by offering something that is not achievable.

The next step is a full quotation for the cost of your swimming pool. At this point finer details will be discussed to make sure you are happy with the proposal for your swimming pool. Once the final pool has been agreed and you have signed up to let us build it for you the fun really begins. We agree a date for the work to start and then begin the consultations to finalise each stage of your pool build.

Only once you are happy with the agreed stage of work will we sign off on it and begin the next stage. This way we can ensure that the final product will be exactly how you, the most important person, the customer wants it to be. Using some of the most up to date techniques for building a swimming pool you can rest assured that what you will end up with is the swimming pool you dreamed of.

With a FREE no obligation quotation visit, and a written quotation, we offer a service which will listen to what you would like to have in your available space, and make suggestions to help achieve your dream pool, within your budget.

At Dream Pools your dream is our reality!!