Luxe Pools

Luxe Pools Seller in Sussex and Surrey

Dream Pools Ltd are Dealers for the LUXE Pool – A one piece GRP Pool kit.

We are pleased to offer a range of luxury one piece GRP pools. Luxe pools are designed to cater for the extreme temperature changes in northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. The pools are provided with a 20 year structural warranty and a 10 year colour-osmosis guarantee.

With over fifteen different models to chose from, LUXE Pools are able to accommodate most of your pool requirements.

Every pool includes; Filter, pump, ABS Skimmer, inlets, LED Underwater light, Deck Box, Electric Control panel, transformer, pvc fittings, flexible PVC pipe, cleaning equipment and filter media.

All LUXE Pools are manufactured using 3D Super Granicoat Gelcoat providing an artificial sparkling granite type effect that enhances the overall appearance of the pool finish. The colours are Blue Ocean (Stock Colour), Sparkle Blue, Almond, Granite Pearl.

Alternatively you could go for the little sumptuous finish and have 3D Ultra Granicoat, this is a little more expensive, but incorporates an additional gelcoat (Sparkle) layer that emits a three dimensional finish. Colours available are Blue Belle, Seaside Blue, White Pearl, Black Pearl.

Depending on the size and shape and any extras such as a Swim Jet, Slatted Cover or telescopic enclosure, these extras are charged in addition to the pool, dependent on your wants and desires. Pool sizes range from 4750mm x 2450mm x 1350mm right up to 10,000mm x 3700mm x 1500mm dependent on the space the client has, and to their desired use of the pool.

A FREE no obligation visit can be arrange, to ascertain the correct pool to match your dreams.

Included in the luxe pools range are City Pool, Koro, Toba, Boka, Nakuru, Lugano, Andaman, Garda and Wanaka.

At Dream Pools we offer the complete package, from digging the hole to training on how to maintain and enjoy your pool to its fullest potential...

Luxe Pools
Luxe pool being lowered into position
Pool being lifted into position
Luxe pool with staircase
Stainless Steel Pool
Beautiful Luxe pool with two people swimming in it
One of the many designs of pool - Toba
Luxe pool with beach ball floating on the surface
A side view of a luxe swimming pool and how it's built
Cross section of installed pool