AstralPool Mac

AstralPool Mac swimming pool technology

AstralPool have created a new maintenance and control concept for your pool: Astralpool Mac. A revoluntionary concept and the only one of its kind in the market. Innovation translated into perfect harmony, a perfect clean and ideal maintenance: an advance that will revolutionise the pool sector.

AstralPool Mac is a new concept for pools, and a veritable world revolution. Winner of the Reddot 2013 design award which recognised the quality and innovation of the AstralPool Mac.

The pool Mac give you total control and is easy to use. The unit will control all the pool’s parameters (efficiency level, filtration, dosing, temperature) in the most efficient possible way.

AstralPool Mac guarantee maximum efficiency and saves 50% on energy, 90% on chemicals, and 50% backwash water compared to conventionally maintained pools.

Want to control your pool from anywhere in the world, with AstralPool Mac you can use your smartphone or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection to manage all of the technical functions and parameters of the AstralPool Mac, with the possibility of remote control via Wi-Fi. Simplicity, convenience and accessibility define the lifestyle we all desire.

Astralpool mac swimming pool control technology